Mohiuddin Trust is currently undertaking an ambitious project to rebuild the Jamia Masjid Mohiuddin Siddiquia, Aston in Birmingham.

The former Masjid building was founded by Shaykh Pir Alauddin Siddiqui Sahib (Rehum Tul Alaihi), one of the most influential and celebrated Islamic spiritual leaders in the UK until his passing in 2017. It was from here that his prayers, teachings and wisdom, as well as the flourishing community that came to be based here over many decades, would hundreds of thousands of visitors attend each year to worship, learn and celebrate, bringing wide social and economic benefits to the local area and promoting the interests of the Muslim community far beyond it. The rebuilding of the Masjid was one of Pir Alauddin Siddiqui Sahib’s most important and final projects, which He sadly was unable to see completed in his lifetime.

The new Jamia Masjid will be a community-led hub as much as a place of worship, and will cater to many central aspects of Muslim life, from daily prayers, communal meals and events to education and mortuary services. It will be a centre that expresses the values of community, inclusivity, and healing, serving also as a meeting place to welcome members of the community at large, of all creeds and none, promoting harmony and general goodwill. The building itself will form an organic synthesis and continuation of both Islamic and local British architectural traditions, together with geometric screens and a galleried first floor that hark back to classical Masjid architecture.

Jamia Masjid Mohiuddin Siddiquia

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  • Why donate through Mohiuddin Trust?

    Mohiuddin Trust was established by the renowned Islamic spiritual leader, Shaykh Pir Alauddin Siddiqui Sahib (Rehum Tul Alaihi).

    We have been a pioneering Muslim charity engaged in delivering humanitarian support to the impoverished, destitute and needy around the world since 2004.

    Our work has ranged from disaster relief to improving access to education, medical aid and clean drinking water, and extensive infrastructure projects, building Masjids and Islamic centres, educational institutions and medical facilities.

    These include the flagship Mohiuddin Islamic University, Mohiuddin International Medical College and Hospital, in Pakistan, independent government accredited institutions among the best in the country.