Zakat Fund

You can give to this Fund as part of your Zakat obligation, with full confidence in the Mohiuddin Trust. We take responsibility to strictly spend our Zakat Fund in accordance with Sharia law as it pertains to Zakat.

As the Qur’an specifies, there are eight groups of people who should be given Zakat, most of whom fall within the general activities and charitable purposes of our work:

“Indeed, Zakat expenditures are only for

  1. The poor
  2. The needy
  3. To those who work on [administering] it
  4. Bringing hearts together
  5. To [free] those in bondage
  6. Those in debt
  7. The cause of God
  8. The stranded traveller

[This is] an obligation from God.

God is All-Knowing, All-Wise.”

(Qur’an, Chapter 9, Verse 60)

Please make use of our Zakat Calculator to work out your Zakat.

Other Appeals

Mohiuddin Trust is a Muslim charity with a distinguished history of raising funds for Islamic relief work in response to crises and for sustainable projects to bring long-lasting change. We need your support now more than ever.